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Biologique recherche in Hello! canada

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Nana jade roller & biologique recherche on cityline

“Don’t neglect your neck! Lifestyle expert Sabrina Maddeaux shares a 7-step routine to start tonight to save your most delicate skin.”


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“Hemp has gotten a bad rap over the years: it’s either considered too granola or mistaken for marijuana, despite being free of the high-inducing property of THC. But a new reputation is being forged, thanks to the myriad skin benefits of hemp oil. Rich in hydrating omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, it’s said to help quell inflammation, banish acne, regulate natural oils and soothe skin.”



“Here’s something that people don’t talk about often: vaginal rejuvenation.

Up until recently, I thought the idea of getting plastic surgery to enhance or reshape your privates was silly and unnecessary. I put vaginal rejuvenation in the same column as butt implants: yet another beauty trend that cashes in on women’s insecurities. It’s easy to feel this way when you’re a woman who is trying to love your body, while living in a culture where it feels constantly under siege. It also doesn’t help that, despite it’s growing popularity, vaginal rejuvenation is still very much shrouded in mystery.”

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“With beauty standards as ridiculously high as they are for women, it’s understandable why plastic surgery tends to be more associated with that gender. But, according to a Toronto-based plastic surgeon, men are increasingly seeking cosmetic procedures too.”

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james read in the kit

James Read has seen a lot of famous people naked, maybe even some royals. “My team and I did a lot of people for the royal wedding,” the self-tanning expert dishes. Although he won’t name-drop any duchesses, he can confirm he regularly makes house calls for the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cara Delevingne, i.e., not the stars you’d normally associate with an artificially bronzed epidermis. That’s because Read specializes in what he terms “background tanning.” His clients don’t look tanned per se, rather their limbs appear naturally radiant and perfectly even. 

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Dixie outlet mall in

“For its back-to-school event, the Dixie Outlet Mall is launching Dixie Play Days.

Dixie Play Days features four interactive game stations located at various points throughout the mall. Each station allows players to compete and win prizes. Players can collect a stamp from each station, which can be redeemed for an official entry into the grand prize and daily giveaways.”

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“Sur le point d’être légalisé au Canada, le cannabis crée un véritable buzz dans l’univers de la beauté. Qu’on soit charmées par les vertus hautement hydratantes et incroyablement apaisantes du chanvre, lorsqu’appliqué par voie topique, ou par l’odeur boisée de cette plante hypnotique, jamais la Marie-Jeanne n’aura fait autant jaser!”

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Dixie Outlet mall on cityline

Stylist Lynn Spence, shows you how to take advantage of those summer sales and start building your summer wardrobe now!